Instagram become super well known with high-profile sports bettors

Instagram is the ideal vehicle for posting spectacular photos of the greatest occasions and fattest heaps of money, which is what each hopeful card shark longs for.

  • Instagram has turned into the favored online entertainment stage for sports wagering handicappers
  • We have found the five of the most powerful/famous Instagram sports wagering accounts

You won’t track down a great deal of in-your-face examination specialists on Instagram, yet you will find a reiteration of entertaining games wagering accounts. However long you recollect not to take what they say as gospel, they can be an engaging expansion to your own games wagering way of life.

@KellyInVegas a.k.a. Kelly Stewart

With north of 30,900 devotees, Kelly Stewart’s image is as yet developing. With the manner in which she has matched her exciting Sin City sports wagering way of life with an engaging Instagram account, it’s certain to continue to drift up.

Stewart previously acquired ubiquity in the wake of hitting a longshot, three-group NFL parlay. When photographs and recordings of her began circling from there on, people in general turned out to be seriously keen on this dispassionately alluring lady with a games wagering sharpness.

Why? We should simply say “dispassionately alluring lady” isn’t the most widely recognized descriptor of a fruitful games bettor.

Stewart minces no words about utilizing her sex appeal to bring in devotees, however she likewise appears to perceive that a sparkling facade will just get you up until this point.

From football to baseball to ball, she can talk Xs and Os, and she invests clear energy and exertion into her picks and plays.


“Secure It” is the main satellite TV show committed to sports wagering, and it’s made an Instagram record to go with its picks-based programming. It just has 13,500 devotees up until this point, however that will continue onward up and up as the show, itself, gains fame.

It includes large characters, similar to The Ringer’s Cousin Sal (who likewise has the Against All Odds web recording), in addition to Clay Travis and Todd Fuhrman of Fox Sports.

Because of the presence of Fuhrman, this is really one Instagram account on this rundown that has a numbers fellow to depend on.

@VIPSportsLV a.k.a. Steve Stevens

In the event that you’re put off by reckless personae and arrogance, Steve Stevens’ @VIPSportsLasVegas Instagram account and web recording are not so much for you. Obviously, it’s anything but an issue for a many individuals seeing that the long-term sports bettor and consultant has almost 90,000 Instagram supporters. Self-depicted as “third era brought up in Vegas,” Stevens is one section sports wagering specialist and one section reckless travel planner

He invests some portion of his energy visiting and evaluating the different sportsbooks in Las Vegas, as well as giving data like smartest options.

Stevens’ site has a great time contrivance on the first page, offering a free pick on the off chance that you enter your telephone number.

@BigRobStyle a.k.a. Loot Gorodetsky

“It’s not simply betting. It’s a way of life,” he says in USA Today’s component on Rob Gorodetsky, who goes by @BigRobStyle on Instagram.

Gorodetsky isn’t an examination horrible; he generally wagers on intuition. As per that equivalent USA Today story, his wagering strategies “seem to be execution workmanship than the factual examination utilized by most keen games speculators.”

That is essential for what makes @BigRobStyle such an engaging follow. He’s accumulated 143,000 supporters with photographs from the greatest games …

… the most famous VIPs and the most rewarding bet slips.


Quickly after showing up at @barstoolbets’ Instagram account, you will actually want to tell that this isn’t a promote to be made too much of: “Rule number 1 of betting, consistently bet everything. Rule number 2, on the off chance that a mascot passes on the seven day stretch of a major event, it’s a programmed human lock.”

However, that is totally with regards to the Barstool’s overall corporate persona. Dave Portnoy’s Massachusetts-based sports site thrived thanks to a general “ahh-go-f***-yourself” mentality towards everything beside the Patriots.

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